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Our pledge is to give the neediest communities in Kenya a hand up, not a hand out. Can you help us to deliver sustainable initiatives which give individuals and groups the power and confidence to grow their own futures?

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About us

Challenge Africa is a small organisation making a huge impact. Every donation goes directly to grass roots projects in the poorest communities in Kenya to help them to secure a brighter future.

Our dedicated teams work alongside local people to deliver successful sustainable initiatives which equip communities with the resources and skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty for good. 

Urgent Cause

The Chick Challenge to Fund a Poultry Farm

Challenge Africa is currently creating a poultry farm next to the new school we’re building in Abimbo village, Kenya. The farm will house 600 chickens and with the income raised from the sale of the eggs produced, the school community will be equipped and empowered to take on the financial responsibilities of running the school. Join us by donating a chick for just £3...
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