What is Challenge Africa

We are a small organisation working alongside local people to help improve lives. We believe in a hand up not a hand out and ensure every donation goes directly towards the projects that make a difference. We reach the most vulnerable members of society, particularly women and children.

We currently work in two rural areas of Kenya, by Lake Victoria, which suffer from high levels of HIV/AIDS. We don’t want to develop a culture of dependency so the goal for each project is to be self sustaining and empowering. Our tailoring training project for example; equips young women with skills and resources to provide for themselves and their families, whilst the uniform they practise making enables orphans to attend school. Garments are also sold to enable the learning centre to be self sufficient.

We prioritise programs with strong track records – like distributing mosquito nets to women – to ensure every donation we receive can actually make a difference. Volunteers, from the UK, France and Australia, have assisted the local team in construction, farm work, teaching and occupational therapy. It is a mutual exchange of knowledge, skills, cultures and friendship.

We are called Challenge Africa because, although we are currently small, we hope to replicate our successes on focused efforts in other areas of Kenya and the continent. We will continue to believe that local people can find the solutions to the challenges facing them and that a ‘one size fits all’ development approach as often used by big international charities, cannot fully succeed in strengthening communities and improving livelihoods.

If you like the sound of what we do, why not volunteer, raise funds or consider other ways you can donate to  support to our projects.



Kids4Kids, our great new project, is underway.