Change Through Challenge

We are called Challenge Africa, because our projects challenge small communities to work together to find sustainable ways to address huge issues like HIV infection rates and the educational attainment of girls.

Our projects target orphans and vulnerable children, HIV positive individuals and families, vulnerable girls and women but we try to involve the whole community, improving life for all.

We aim to:
•   be an advocate of sustainable practices such as farming and clean water provision
•   respond to the needs of people, rather than prescribe development solutions, and
•   work with the community, empowering those without a voice.

Because of our size and the way in which we engage with communities in a very practical way,  your contribution will really change someone’s life.  Our projects are on a very human scale and respond to the challenges that are given to us by the communities we work with.

Sustainable, community-driven development

Helping to improve farming conditionsChallenge Africa’s projects are diverse ranging from egg farms for feeding orphans, to memory book counselling enabling children to have a lasting record of their lost parent. We try to involve the whole community; encouraging young men to join our football teams and access vital health messages which will protect them and their future partners. Our farm offers agricultural lessons to help improve farming output and we help families grow their own vegetables and trees, securing livelihoods and building a greater understanding of how best to manage natural resources in order to protect and improve the environment.


Improving rights to education

Improving the rights to better educationWe believe every child has the right to education and care and so the early years class welcomes children with HIV; hoping to make short lives as happy as possible.
‘I love school, especially Mathematics and games’ Pauline, 8
Your donations fund a teacher to educate and care for 40 orphans on the Early Years programme.


A Hand Up not a Hand Out

Supporting schools to help provide better educationBy giving a ‘hand up’ through skills, training and education, community members can empower themselves and improve the lives of the next generation. We work through a local team to connect with the villagers and to understand the real challenges people face everyday. We particularly focus our efforts on addressing the needs and basic rights of women and girls. Our goal is to facilitate change at both the practical and structural levels and to equip vulnerable females with the knowledge and tools required to live their lives the way they choose with health, dignity, self worth, confidence and literacy.


It costs just £3.20 to feed 60 orphans a basic daily meal; so for the cost of a sandwich in this country we can fill hungry tummies in Kenya. We intend all our projects to be sustainable and self sufficient but until we are able to achieve this we must rely on your kindness.

Follow our blog for details about our challenges and projects, the people we meet, the stories they tell, the progress we are making and how YOU can make a difference.



Kids4Kids, our great new project, is underway.