Eleanore Regan Olympics 2012 torch relayThank you for visiting our website – it’s great to have your support. Challenge Africa is running projects, programmes and activities in Kenyan villages; helping local people to help themselves.

I set up Challenge Africa in 2006 because I found people trying desperately to improve the future for their children.

I believe, with our help, a new generation can overcome the current challenges facing them. Girls as young as 13 should not be forced to sell themselves for food; grandparents should not be burying their children and families should not be forced to choose between sickness from dirty water or thirst. Babies are contracting HIV from their positive mothers because expectant mums cannot afford the bus ride to the clinic to access the anti-transmission drugs.

I hope you share my hopes for the future and will become one of our supporters.  Our website has information about the projects we are involved in and how you can help but we always love talking to you directly about our work .  Please email me if you have any questions or want to know more about the challenges we are tackling right now and how you can help. Together we really can make a difference.

With best wishes
Eleanore Regan



Kids4Kids, our great new project, is underway.