{ Why Give }

We believe that all African communities can become self-sufficient and thrive.  Together, we can realise this dream.

By giving to Challenge Africa you provide us with the tools to deliver the right solutions in rural Kenya.

Giving just £40 will enable a child growing up in abject poverty to own and raise a goat.  This gift is both practical (it provides him with an invaluable nutritional resource) and brilliant for his emotional wellbeing, giving him the power to take control of his own future.

£100 from you can install a water tank in a school or a public building, providing local people with clean, safe, drinking water.  An extra monthly donation of £20 would ensure this tank stays clean and safe for use.

From our knowledge in international development, we know that we need to help all members of a community, not just the women and children, but the men as well.  By working together to raising enough money we can empower a whole village and move out, to start our work in another community.  They don’t want us hanging around and that’s not our vision.  Caring for one village at a time is how we can make a difference.

{ Monthly Donation }

By making a monthly donation, you are making a sustained commitment to support communities in Kenya to become self-sufficient and thrive.

It is through this commitment, from people like you, that together we can work towards a time when we are no longer needed.  How amazing would that be!

Your monthly donation of £32 would feed a child a nutritious meal every day for that month.  Keep giving for the whole year and that child is now happier, healthier and able to focus on working hard at school rather than their hungry tummy.

£10 a month would mean 12 children could attend school for a year.  That is 12 more children who are given an education and hope for the future.

If you are able, £76 a month would pay a teachers salary.  The community centres’ aim is to be self-sufficient, with funds from the poultry farms paying salaries, but until then this is one of the most important gifts you can give.

Every penny that you donate will go to our projects in Kenya.  All our hardworking staff in the UK are volunteers, and all business costs are donated by sponsors.

To set up a monthly donation, please click on the button below.  You will then be given the option to set up a monthly donation.  Don’t forget to select the gift aid option if you pay UK income tax, so that your money can go even further.