Payroll giving

Challenge Africa supporting the communityOne of  the easiest and most effective ways that you can support Challenge Africa is through payroll giving

By donating as little as £10 a month from your salary – probably less than you spend on sandwiches –  you will help 12 children attend school for a year or provide three goats to an orphanage.

Payroll giving is a way to give to charity straight from your salary – the deduction will show on your wage slip. It is simple and easy to operate and you are in control. The big advantage is that the money you would have paid in income tax goes to the charity. So if you want Challenge Africa to receive £10 a month, you only pay £7.80 (£6 if you are a higher rate taxpayer).


Are you an employee?

If you are an employee its a really easy way to show your support for a charity every month.  The donation is taken from pre tax pay and shows on your payslip, what’s brilliant is that Challenge Africa gets more than you donate and it doesn’t affect National Insurance or personal tax allowance.  You can give to as many charities as you want using payroll giving, and its a wonderful way to provide long term support to people who really need it.

Are you an employer?

For employers, payroll giving is easy and cheap to set up – it simply involves a small change to the company’s payroll system.  The scheme is processed by a Payroll Giving Agency to provide an audit trail and to prevent fraud.

It can be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy and employees appreciate that their employer is actively encouraging charitable giving.

How does it work?

The scheme needs:

  • An employer willing to offer it
  • An employer willing to enter into an agreement with a Payroll Giving Agency
  • An employee paid through PAYE who wants to give to charity direct from salary

How can Payroll Giving support our work?

  • £2 buys a chick for a poultry farm which provides eggs for vulnerable children on our feeding programme
  • £5 provides seeds for a grandmother to grow to support her orphaned grandchildren
  • £10 means a child can attend school for a whole year
  • £40 buys a goat for the orphan centre to provide the children with nutritious milk and income to buy them medicine and schoolbooks.
  • £76 pays a school teacher’s salary for a month. The community centres aim to get income from our projects to cover all salaries but until then this is one of the most important gifts you can give.
  • £100 buys a rainwater tank for a school giving the pupils fresh, clean water.
  • £583 provides daily food for 60 children for half a year.
  • £5000 would give a whole village the gift of clean water by providing a bore hole well and training to maintain it.