Kids4Kids, our great new project, is underway.

Each vulnerable child at the respite centre in Abimbo village has just been given a goat, and, in between school and playing, they help our trained staff look after it. The goats produce milk and breed quickly so we can give even more orphans and foster families support.

It’s a lovely sustainable initiative and our Kenyan staff say it will improve the lives and futures of children who currently have nothing. A goat costs £40 and then is very cheap to care for, enjoying shrubs and ant bushes (whilst being kept well away from the vegetable farm!). Their small water requirement is ranked only next to that of camels. 

 Each goat produces at least two litres of nutritional milk a day, which also brings in a small income. After a happy and productive life, goats sell for the same amount as they originally cost. Here’s a picture of orphan David with his goat. Updates to follow!


 Daivid,one of the Goats' program beneficiaries showing off his m