Medical Bay at Abimbo Centre

This is a lovely project which has cost only £150 and should improve the health of the 35 orphans and vulnerable children at the centre. The sick bay is a welcoming space for children who are ill during the day to stay and recover, and is stocked with medicines and First Aid supplies. Here the children are weighed and measured with records kept and reviewed. With many of the children living with elderly foster carers, unable to look after their basic needs and far away from state clinics,  the new medical bay is providing vital care.

Our new health programme is part of a wider initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children between the ages of 3 and 7 in Abimbo. At this age, children in the area are often suffering from malnutrition, regular episodes of malaria, ringworm and other skin disorders due to poor hygiene. Some of the children at our centre have HIV and are on drug treatment, which makes them sick without regular meals, so we ensure they receive nutritional support.

Regular tooth brushing, washing, and checking on the height and weight of each child,  means our newest little ones will have a fighting chance at not only survival, but also a healthier and happier childhood.