Clean Water is Coming

Water Kenya

A reliable clean water supply will mean better health, better harvests, safer births and a stronger local economy[/caption]

Work on Abimbo bore hole has begun and clean water will be available to all by next year. For villagers who had no access to clean water and had to carry buckets of dirty water miles just to water their crops, the new well is enormously exciting. For the poorest villagers in Abimbo, particularly the widows, orphans and elderly, the new water supply is lifesaving and empowering.   For Challenge Africa, it is also exciting because it is the first self-funded project we’ve launched. By charging a tiny amount for each bucket of clean water from the well, the bore hole can be maintained and  the cost of the project can be reclaimed within three years so further loans can be made to dig more wells. Edwin Ogillo, Challenge Africa’s Kenya director, is keen for such projects to be introduced. ‘Villagers recognise they can take responsibility, once they have been given the opportunities and resources, to create income generating projects themselves.’  If you would like to loan an orphan centre or village community money towards a well or poultry farm, please contact us for more information.